How Do Olympians Do It : Tips by Gmento Mobile App

The world comes together every four years to witness the greatest athletes from all over the planet to compete against one another. Without doubt, the competition at Olympics is top notch and not an ordinary occasion and each one of us is left wondering how athletes are able to rise so high and run their way to glorious victory in their individual sports category!! The competition is always intense and there’s always a high chance of defeat. Yet these champions keep on working towards their goal but let’s understand what makes them carry on and surpass what ordinary people can’t even think of.

Disciplined Routine

Ask any successful Olympian and he / she will tell you discipline and preset routine as sure shot recipe to achieve new milestones because having that strict routine leaves them with no other option but to complete their tasks. After all, if you really want something then you really have to work for it! Once you put your goal in your daily routine, then you are bound to put in requisite efforts and that will show desired results.

Motivation to stay on course

Winning Olympians stay motivated because they all have something to prove to themselves or somebody in their sphere of contact. They eat, breathe and sleep the sport and motivation to prove helps them stay on course to achieve bigger laurels. It’s not always fun yet they carry on because their motivation is so powerful. Identify factors that motivate you and channel your energy to reach your goal and strive hard towards making long-term changes to your fitness regime.

Mentor and Coach

It’s proven fact that coaches are as valuable for the success of an athlete as the athlete itself. An athlete may be able to reach a certain level of success but from thereon, he or she must be guided by an able coach or mentor to be the best. Look at any sphere of life and the fact that successful people have been have at some point in their lives been guided by a mentor or personal coach. Finding the right person to be coach or mentor is supremely important, one who can objectively look at your weak points and be your guiding light in getting rid of these.

Gmento , a mobile app with curated , background checked and thoroughly verified professionals and service providers details , salutes the spirit of these athletes and commits to uphold the same spirit while connecting our ever increasing users to professional service providers in their neighbourhood.

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Finding Digital Marketing Experts – big focus on user experience

The digital marketing revolution is transforming almost all business departments be it Marketing, HR, Sales, Finance & IT as all of these have massive opportunities and considerable challenges thanks to the rapid evolution in digital technologies and platforms providing the same. Companies with best digital marketing experts, web designers and developers are able to disrupt the scenario with newer, faster and more efficient ways of doing things and achieving goals. Proactive businesses are responding by creating a digital transformation strategy either in house or outsourcing the same to some of the best digital marketing experts available on mobile platforms like Gmento. Managing digital transformation at company or business level  is a herculean task, but one that needs to be done well if the business is going to continue to grow in a world forever changed by evolution in technology.


With more options than ever to reach your target audience online , one needs to have structured campaign planning in gaining confidence of target customers and needs to invest campaign budgets where they will make the biggest difference . All said and done, this turns out to be a highly specialized job and should be left to experts. Good news for those annoyed by difficulty in finding the right , reliable and experienced digital marketing expert , online mobile app based platforms like Gmento have listed the best minds in field and , that too , in your vicinity to jack up prospects of maintaining and boosting your company’s marketing funnel in precisely the way you want. That’s no coincidence because Gmento mobile app has built a proven system based on field tests while talking to businesses – small to large , professionals and other service providers and offers practical , actionable and step by step information on listed profiles enabling you to choose the best one in digital marketing field and web development.

Thanks to the culmination of years of growth in digital advertising, businesses and professional service providers have been given a massive boost by the availability of experts in digital marketing field enabling them to market their services in a better way and extending their outreach in the desired segment. From virtually nothing a few years ago, mobile advertising is in a growth phase and now that over 50% of internet users are on mobile devices, it makes sense to getting registered on mobile app platform like Gmento and getting connected to customers looking for professionals and experts in digital marketing domain.

 If you are one such expert , just download Gmento mobile app from Google Play store and create your dynamic profile to get noticed.

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15 vital services Gmento could help you in

When Rajesh was planning for his son’s wedding , the entire process to find reliable professionals and service providers for diverse works left him and his family bewildered. Similarly Radhika was looking for a qualified tutor for her daughter Aditi and she had so many boxes checked in  like home visit by tutor , timing and schedule as per her choice , past references of the tutor etc. etc. She tried a lot but failed to find one. There are so many such stories where you find yourself in a spot and need someone to help you out instantly and the way you want.

We’re not surprised that Gmento mobile app is proving to be very handy for such situations wherein you can connect  on the go with professionals and service providers based upon their proximity to your place , qualifications , past work records and reviews and manage your critical projects . Getting a tutor or wedding planner might seem like the kind of job that you can expect to be able to complete thanks to Gmento’s completely background verified and trustworthy listed profiles in 72 + categories. Truth be told, we don’t realize this until we get trapped in situations like above. Here are certain key service categories where Gmento mobile app can help you out with options you may not even think of. Have a look at these ones :


1. Doctor Allopathy and Homeopathy two important services you don’t even know when you need suddenly.

2. Dieticians very important experts leading you to healthy life.

3. Fitness Trainers experts that can not be ignored in today’s life.

4. Chartered Accountants and Financial Experts to address everything related to financial decisions and planning.

5. Science and Maths Tutors to address requirements of your child’s education path in a customized manner.

6. Career Counsellors very vital to your career planning goals and objectives.

7. Criminal / Corporate or Civil Lawyers You don’t know when you need them critically.

8. Carpenters  for repair , refinishing, upholstering and even custom-built furniture or home requirements.

9. Maids and Nurses  which can include a weekly or regular maid service for your home, someone to clean your carpets, draperies and windows or an attendant for patients.

10. Wedding planners and Bridal makeup specialists which could be very handy for those important functions.

11. Magicians and Speakers for events just to lighten up those important events.

12. Professional classes experts more and more in demand these days for parents wishing to go for all round development of children and honing special skills.

13. Pest control Experts such as dealing with rats , cockroaches , lizards or bugs in your home, or  other insects, rodents that have invaded your yard.

14. Beauty and Salon experts services highly in demand and with quality consciousness in mind.

15. Pandits and Astrologers you need them often too and sometimes hard to find.

 So simply download the Gmento mobile app and get going . Life is good , life is relaxed , isn’t it ?? Please visit for more info.

Business Promotion : The Organic Way

As professional service providers , importance of referrals is worth more than any advertisement. In this technological age , there are countless promotional opportunities available but all that comes with hefty cost and , therefore , word of mouth still continues to be one of the most effective way to gain more business. It’s not very easy to constantly seek new customers and business opportunities and most of the time the cost involved in the process takes heavy toll on current business proposition. As professionals / service providers , you need to take that in perspective and look for other smarter ways available. With exactly that in mind, we put together a wonderful android tech. platform Gmento wherein you truly realize the power of good work already done by you and how that generates more business for you. Let’s have a look at the following :

1. Reminding Current Customers

If you don’t ask you won’t receive. Most of the times , customers don’t realise that you’d like to be referred until you tell them. We , at Gmento , have devised a system whereby customers would love to refer you based on their own experience in hiring you and get rewarded in the process. When you finish a job , our part begins in terms of communication with the customer and getting you referred to any friend looking for the same service.

2. Update Your Online Profile

To be referred your customers need to know what services you exactly offer. You may have completed a number of jobs but customers are still  unaware of your true experience. Make sure your professional profile at Gmento is up-to-date and shows all the information your clients and friends need to refer you when someone is seeking your services. Never discount the importance of a good and visible profile.

3. Be Worthy of Being Referred

As professional service provider , if you leave a customer less than satisfied , chances are he / she won’t refer you. If you take a step forward and offer a bit more, while delivering on your services , they’ll want to reward you with referrals. Our tech platform is exactly oriented to turn you and your services into referable ones.

Get registered at Gmento, deliver on the services provided and get referred. Observe for yourself , how business generates more business !!

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Hiring Service Professionals – The Right Way

The undeniable trend in on-line services booking is towards maintaining contacts on fingertips, being able to look for service providers at any time , from any place and  in a hassle free manner. This is bound to drastically change the way professionals / service providers reach, interact with and serve their customers. Other big question asking for reply is how user can have direct access to confirmed, verified and trustworthy profiles data for their pressing needs? Gmento , an on-line android mobile app , is determined to alter rules of the game  by addressing the following :

  •  Direct comparison of listed profiles
  • Only verified and reliable listings with regular updates
  • Multiple modes of contact with hassle-free approach
  • Accurate data and easy access maintaining user convenience
  • Building professionals / service providers network

 Let’s say goodbye to our default reactions while calling our friends or family members and asking for reliable service providers contacts or turning on to Google, Facebook and landing up with untrustworthy profiles with no background check. Gmento doesn’t impose choices on your important tasks , rather , it lets you remain in control and make your choices based on well researched information . Just few taps on your mobile and enjoy the experience . No Clap , No Dial – just Gmento and access wide range of fields and categories and listed profiles therein.   

 Gmento App to be launched in January’16, please have a look at our website  and feel the difference !! 


Gmento – Very Relevant & Way Ahead

Those of us who are tired of calling unreliable service providers and professionals while taking big decisions , things are set to change for better. You can now compare profiles of various listed providers , see their price quotes and be in touch with your chosen ones , all this while sitting at home and tapping smartphone screens. Gmento , an on line business / professionals / service providers marketplace , aims to provide you access to curated , verified and trusted data of these profiles with easy and uncomplicated interfaces designed for seamless user experience regardless of where he / she is located.  It enables users to find range of service providers and professionals spread over 7 fields and 70+ categories making it the go-to platform in times of need and urgency.

 At Gmento , we realized local services , as an industry , is highly relevant to our day to day lives but extremely fragmented and unreliable data made it very difficult to derive solutions out of it. In fact , current solutions were limited to either phone calls to unverified profiles or deputing and assigning certain preselected profiles by so called on line aggregates to your requirement with user having no knowledge of such profiles. We have integrated classified listings and on line contact and booking solutions to create a platform which is miles ahead in tech enabled innovation for services industry.

Similarly , Gmento will be big boon for services providers and professionals too. We don’t charge them on each service provided or lead generated like some other self-proclaimed popular services aggregate platforms. The level of engagement of providers with users and the platform is very high and modelled to increase leads as well as business to the next level. Payment of very nominal annual fee entitles them to remain in touch with target segment and business promotion continuously. At the same time , these professionals and service providers have to go through very stringent on boarding process so that users are always sure that they are dealing with right people.

Gmento website is being launched on 12th Dec. , 2015 and we are working very hard to follow it up with launch of Android App very soon.


Gmento : Filling the Need Gap in Services

These days when life is hectic and , almost always , everybody is on the go !!  Technology and gadgets  are our faithful friends, many apps have found their way into our lives and are designed to make life easier and simpler. Each one of us around the globe is glued to a smartphone ,  browsing the internet / apps and smartphones have brought services and products at our fingertips. There are apps which promise guaranteed satisfaction but restrict your choice to limited categories and there are others who claim to be giants in sharing data with you but rarely are able to give you verified choices . Therefore , demand is still there with sizeable need gap in providing professionals / service providers details. One is not required to be really intelligent to come to the conclusion that one app which can provide able , verified , efficient and trustworthy professionals is the need of the hour .

Gmento has the answer to all these issues and designed to cater to widest range of users to book on demand services and access contact data of professionals / service providers. It not only gives users an easy interface to handle but also fulfils all the needs of consumers. Once you have a look at Gmento , you will not think of downloading any other app when it comes to hiring best professionals and service providers and accessing their contact details.  We cover six fields : Business , Health & Fitness , Education , Legal , Professional Services and Home services and under these fields there are 70 + categories to cover almost everything that you can think of. The idea is to get your issues and problems resolved through one single app and why fill our mobile screens with other apps which are seldom handy while you are in pressing need .

  • Ask for an expert professional or service provider in 70 + categories.
  • Browse and book , else , let us help you out instantly.
  • Contact the professional and explain everything directly.
  • Query / issue resolved.

It can’t be as simple and straightforward as this as there are no charges , restrictions on data access or manipulated entries. Gmento is only the facilitator in terms of listings which are duly curated , checked and verified and offers you multiple choices to select the best one . Coming soon on your mobile screen through Google Play.