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Businesses of all sizes realize one fundamental principle that it costs more to acquire new customers than to build on relationships with existing ones. This becomes an important concept to try and hold onto if you want to grow your business with a more stable inflow of work and reduce the amount of time you spend going after new projects every other day. In fact , most of the business client relationships start with small projects and then grow into bigger and more valuable relationships . That exactly is the process to create sustainable businesses but there , surely , are strategies to use when reviewing projects or staying in touch with past clients that can help you expand your business and serve your clients better. We , at Gmento , have found that when it comes to moving from small jobs to longer-term projects, it comes down to drive and discipline—you need to have both every day for every client because each one is trusting you. The success of your work together will help you get the best reviews and expand your project portfolio with quality projects, paving the way for you to build the business you want. Here is a list of key points to consider for professionals , service providers and experts.

  • Understand the work

It’s very important for every professional and service provider experts to thoroughly review job details and everything a client shares like description , deadlines and budget . These can help you identify which aspects the client is more attached to and whether you will be able to do justice to that. Experts and professionals need to keep their process very simple for reviewing and evaluating new clients and work and go after jobs that have clear and detailed job descriptions with realistic deadlines and budgets.

  • Understand the client

Just as clients will look at a professional service provider’s portfolio and past feedback and reviews, it is equally important for service providers to review a client’s previous projects and execution details. You can also get a sense of whether they are very particular over any issue as well as their typical budget.

  • Understand your own instincts

Every project you win and work on helps build your business, regardless of size or budget. Each has potential for continued work with that particular client, referrals to new clients, or positive feedback that can help you win future projects. While the same is true if a project does not go well , it may hinder your chances of winning your next project. So , if you aren’t excited about a project, or are hesitant for some reason, you should trust your gut. It may be hard to decide not to go after a job, especially in the beginning, but consider that you are working on building your business for the long term.

  • Understand the importance of delivery

Consistently delivering on your work is crucial to keeping any job or client for any professional and expert service providers. Never underestimate how valuable it is to give every client you agree to work with your best. You should devote all your energy with the hope that it could lead to something more.

  • Follow on , without fail

Once you have established a positive relationship with a client, look for ways to help them even after your project is completed and make sure to follow up with past clients to make sure they are aware of upcoming changes or trends , offer your insights on what they may need to do and suggest how you can help. This shows that you care about your business and customers  / clients can rely on you for future requirements.

Gmento mobile app lets you connect with clients seamlessly and helps in establishing professionals and service providers with positive reviews, a strong portfolio, and a stable set of clients including long-term and repeat clients. So , why not follow these strategies to find the right clients and jobs that match your profile , work ethics and values and deliver your best every day.

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Finding an expert Piano or Dance teacher ??

Are you looking for the best Dance Teacher to help your kid learn dance or  Piano Expert to learn piano? If yes, you are on right track to  get right information in this regard for sure. New sessions at school are starting and kids have ample time to devote to these activities and learn new traits as per their hobby . Since we always like to learn or train from masters of domain preferably , therefore , you need to get the best Dance Teacher or Piano Master to teach your child dance or  instrument. A teacher who’s patient, skilled, and adores teaching the classics as well as contemporary form of dance or instruments .One who seamlessly incorporates new technology and cutting-edge teaching trends and specializes in children with learning differences. Undoubtedly , a young, enthusiastic teacher who’s willing to invest wholeheartedly in your child may be your best choice. Of course , nothing is better than an experienced professional expert teacher, but at the same time , nothing is worse than a teacher who is too rigid, exhausted, bored, or burned out.


Here is the check list before you hire:

  • Experienced Teacher

A right choice would be choosing an expert  who has vast experience in teaching piano or dance because children who are likely to learn either dance or piano will generally have no knowledge in the beginning. So, an experienced young expert professional can understand our actions easily on learning these traits.

  • Teacher with verified and reliable credentials 

A professional registered with a platform and with background checked credentials definitely makes sense to teach your kids the instrument or dance form. In fact, we can analyze the history of such experts and that certainly helps in hiring not only the best teacher but the one whom you can rely on.

  •  Feedback from existing learners

It would be wise to get feedback from existing piano or dance learners about learning experience with their teacher. This will help you to hire the right teacher in your area , one who is educated , experienced and highly preferred in the area. Well performed background check on the teacher’s music qualification such as their certifications etc. does help a lot in your final selection and such experts should be the first choice as teachers for your kids.

Compile a list of such dance or piano teachers which you have analyzed and finalize your right expert teacher among them by considering their, education, distance, knowledge, experience, skill set and charges etc. Gmento mobile app is one such platform which helps you in finding best professional experts by sharing complete information while you decide. Once you have made a list, contact them to get more information about their experience in this field. Gmento will help you to hire the best among  qualified professional experts as your child’s dance or piano teacher.

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