Gmento – Home Care Service Experts

Gmento Mobile App offers complete ‘Home Maintenance and Care ‘ by introducing you to qualified , experienced and reliable home services experts which include electrical experts , air conditioning experts , skilled plumber experts , service carpenter experts and pest control professional experts. We understand that  your home needs regular maintenance and occasional tune-ups to stay in tip-top shape and that’s precisely why we have enlisted professional experts to take care of above mentioned tasks with season-by-season schedule of indoor maintenance. Our experts are highly skilled with more than 5-7 years of experience in their respective fields and added to that , our stringent on boarding process that ensures high level of quality, timely service  delivery, reliable way of getting attended with complete safety as all our experts are background checked. And above all , this all happens with just few taps of your fingers and with no interference or imposition of our choices on your selection. Aren’t we hugely different from other apps ??


Gmento’s  essence stems from the most natural need of getting able, efficient & cost-effective handymen in India and since the demand is all over with significant need-gap , we are geared up and have committed ourselves to be the trusted provider of service experts and professionals to every household in India . So , get ready to have your household worries handled with just few clicks . Well , we are sure how you will feel if your sweet home is in the hands of well trained and trustworthy professional experts .

Please visit our website for details on home services offered while we get ready to launch our android mobile app in March.


Standing out among similar others – Gmento

It’s a known fact that customers / users are seeking experts and trend of search these days is changing fast. But finding a purported expert on-line or hearing about them from a colleague isn’t necessarily the same as getting convinced  that an individual is an expert in their field and , therefore , can be relied upon. Without doubt , once again, we see on-line sources eclipsing old-school references by peers or neighbours or others. Professional services seekers are evaluating experts according to their profiles and detailed information therein. The core advantage of on line sources is the range and easy availability of information. A user / customer is no longer required to be suggested by recently launched on line service providers platforms , rather , the better proposition is to equip them with so much relevant  information that they can easily see many experts’ work first-hand through their listed profiles , reviews and experience and take mentored decisions .

Gmento , an on-line android mobile app , has converted this advantage for customers in an opportunity for professional services providers too. By sharing their expertise online, service providers / professionals  may not only raise visibility but persuade prospective customers of their knowledge and skills before customers even speak to them. We have considered the benefits of visible service provider experts and how customers find and evaluate experts. But at the same time ,  it’s also worth noticing  the other aspect of the story. After a customer identifies and engages an Expert Professional, what do they perceive as the top benefits of the engagement? Our extensive customer survey and feedback from field suggests the following :

  • Reliability and background verification – 72%
  • Knowledge of their field – 65%
  • Expert’s ability to solve more complicated problems – 41%
  • Timely attending the issue / project – 40%
  • Multiple choices to select the better one – 37%

These results are worth considering as customers don’t want random suggestions by on-line platforms or dial in / voice platforms as they are increasingly ( 72 % ) interested in reliable choices and knowledgeable experts ( 65 % ) . Visible Experts do help in solving the problem at hand, but they need to be trustworthy , background checked , knowledgeable and responsive to attending the call .

Gmento realized the ability to give a sampling of one’s educational / experiential  value up-front before an engagement and , without doubt , that is massively powerful asset of our platform. How can you use this service ??  Well , it’s going to be launched very shortly and just download the app after that and you are ready to be spoilt for choices that are true , promising and worth considering. Meanwhile , please visit our website for detailed info.