Business Promotion : The Organic Way

As professional service providers , importance of referrals is worth more than any advertisement. In this technological age , there are countless promotional opportunities available but all that comes with hefty cost and , therefore , word of mouth still continues to be one of the most effective way to gain more business. It’s not very easy to constantly seek new customers and business opportunities and most of the time the cost involved in the process takes heavy toll on current business proposition. As professionals / service providers , you need to take that in perspective and look for other smarter ways available. With exactly that in mind, we put together a wonderful android tech. platform Gmento wherein you truly realize the power of good work already done by you and how that generates more business for you. Let’s have a look at the following :

1. Reminding Current Customers

If you don’t ask you won’t receive. Most of the times , customers don’t realise that you’d like to be referred until you tell them. We , at Gmento , have devised a system whereby customers would love to refer you based on their own experience in hiring you and get rewarded in the process. When you finish a job , our part begins in terms of communication with the customer and getting you referred to any friend looking for the same service.

2. Update Your Online Profile

To be referred your customers need to know what services you exactly offer. You may have completed a number of jobs but customers are still  unaware of your true experience. Make sure your professional profile at Gmento is up-to-date and shows all the information your clients and friends need to refer you when someone is seeking your services. Never discount the importance of a good and visible profile.

3. Be Worthy of Being Referred

As professional service provider , if you leave a customer less than satisfied , chances are he / she won’t refer you. If you take a step forward and offer a bit more, while delivering on your services , they’ll want to reward you with referrals. Our tech platform is exactly oriented to turn you and your services into referable ones.

Get registered at Gmento, deliver on the services provided and get referred. Observe for yourself , how business generates more business !!

Please visit our website for more information and wait for just few more days for launch of Gmento mobile app.