Hiring Service Professionals – The Right Way

The undeniable trend in on-line services booking is towards maintaining contacts on fingertips, being able to look for service providers at any time , from any place and  in a hassle free manner. This is bound to drastically change the way professionals / service providers reach, interact with and serve their customers. Other big question asking for reply is how user can have direct access to confirmed, verified and trustworthy profiles data for their pressing needs? Gmento , an on-line android mobile app , is determined to alter rules of the game  by addressing the following :

  •  Direct comparison of listed profiles
  • Only verified and reliable listings with regular updates
  • Multiple modes of contact with hassle-free approach
  • Accurate data and easy access maintaining user convenience
  • Building professionals / service providers network

 Let’s say goodbye to our default reactions while calling our friends or family members and asking for reliable service providers contacts or turning on to Google, Facebook and landing up with untrustworthy profiles with no background check. Gmento doesn’t impose choices on your important tasks , rather , it lets you remain in control and make your choices based on well researched information . Just few taps on your mobile and enjoy the experience . No Clap , No Dial – just Gmento and access wide range of fields and categories and listed profiles therein.   

 Gmento App to be launched in January’16, please have a look at our website www.gmento.com  and feel the difference !! 


Author: Gmento

Gmento aspires to be the leading platform for your search of professionals and service providers .

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